Allen Iverson Keeps It Real for 2,548th Straight Day

NBA free agent Allen Iverson spent all day today keeping it real, the 2,548th straight day he has done so. The mark is thought to be a record for keeping it real for consecutive days by an athlete.
“How have I done it? I’m not sure,” said Iverson. “I’m just trying to keep it real, you know?”
Iverson’s string of keeping it real dates back to July of 2002, when he ended a streak of 1,194 days of keeping it real at that time by watching an episode of “7th Heaven.” His previous instance of not keeping it real came in the summer of 1993 after he listened to, and enjoyed, a Bon Jovi song.
“I remember being about halfway through the episode of ‘7th Heaven’ when it hit me that I wasn’t keeping it real by watching that show,” said Iverson, “so I made a renewed commitment to keeping it real at all times.” The All-Star guard says he immediately switched his television from ‘7th Heaven’ to BET and has proceeded to keep it real since then.
Jim Brown is the previous record holder for keeping it real by an athlete. The ex-football star had kept it real consistently through the early 1990s before taking a role in the 1996 movie ‘Mars Attacks!’
“Not giving my best, or even showing up sometimes, at practice is really the key to my keeping it real in everything I do,” said Iverson. “I want to be real both on and off the court. However, I do play hard in games, so if I also played hard in practice and set an example for my teammates and fans, that might not send the message that I want to get across – you know, that I don’t really give a f—k and that I don’t need this sh-t.”
Iverson says that he has begun to sense some pressure from his supporters that he be linked to some type of criminal activity soon in order to reaffirm his credibility. It has been several years since Iverson has been in the police blotter.
“I understand that I probably need to get back on the police’s radar in order to keep on keeping it real. I don’t necessarily have to do anything, just get the police a little riled up, I guess. The only thing is is that it’s a bit tough to get in much trouble when you live in a gated community full of huge homes. Maybe I’ll just f—k with the homeowners association by letting my grass get too long. Or not weeding the flower beds. Something like that. I’ll do my best.”